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Naqugun Hunting Belt


Hunting Belt

Naqugun/Hunting belt Paul John explained: "This was a sack for ammunition when hunting. When they were traveling, they put bullets and gunpowder in here. Clothing in the past didn't have pockets."

D. F. Tozier, 1918, Courtesy, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution 7/3252

  Irunguaq Gun Rest
Irunguaq/Gun rest Frank Andrew explained: "They call those 'pretend legs.' They use it for shooting, by staking it down in the ground, to hold a gun." Gunrest
E. W. Nelson, 1879, Cal'itmiut, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution 36026

Imin Bullet Mold


Bullet Mold

Imin/Bullet mold Paul John explained: "At that time they made bullets by pouring lead in without opening the mold. When that lead hardened, they could use it as a bullet."

L. Bales, 1911, Alaska State Museum IIA2676

  Kenivik Primer Box
Kenivik/Primer box made of walrus ivory, to store percussion caps used to ignite the gun's charge. IVA4656 Primer Box
J. A. Jacobsen, 1882, Ethnologisches Museum Berlin

Puyurkarvik Gunpowder Container


Powder Container

Puyurkarvik/Gunpowder container

Gift of Norma Hoyt, Anchorage Museum 1990.039.114

  Puyurkirissuun Powder Measure
Puyurkirissuun/Powder measure perfectly shaped to hold a single charge. Measure
J. A. Jacobsen, 1882, Ethnologisches Museum Berlin IVA3752

Powder Measure Demonstration


Wassilie Berlin pouring imaginary powder from the walrus-shaped container into an ivory powder measure: "It was then poured into the gun's mouth."

Elqiaq Bentwood Hat


Bentwood Hat

Elqiaq/Bentwood hat, dark colored for fall hunting on the Yukon.

1890-92, Loaned by The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 13853


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