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They Say the Qanruyutet Guide Our Lives

In the past, Yup'ik elders shared qanruyutet (words of wisdom and instruction) with their children and grandchildren, helping them live better lives. Like a kayak or a needle, these were essential tools. Many are glad to share these "wise words" today, to those willing to listen.

Kenekngamceci Qanrutamceci
We talk to you because we love you

Augkut tang waten elluarrluki yukegcinaamek ayagyuani qanruqaarluta una qanrukerrlainalallrukiit, "Kenekngamceci qanrutamceci. Kenkenrilkumci qanrucanritamci." Yuum tang taugaam kenkicini umyuaminek qamaken aturluku waten ayagyuamek qalarucilalria.

After giving us young people instruction on living proper lives, our elders always told us, "We talk to you because we love you. If we did not love you, we would not speak to you." A person only gives advice and guidance to a young person by using love from inside one's heart.

--Paul John, Toksook Bay

Tauna piniqerkauluku man'a qanruyun
That instruction will be our source of strength

Tauna piniqerkauluku man'a qanruyun/That instruction will be our source of strength
Camun tekitaqamta imna qanruyutellerput ayuqucirtuun wanteqaaqluni, umyuaqeqaaqluku. Tua-i llu taum imum wani neq'aqallemta ayuqucirtuutem taumun imumun pivkarpek'nata, cirlakevkarpek'nata. Tauna piniqerkauluku man'a qanruyun niitellerput piniutekarkauluku wangkuta.

When we come upon certain situations, our instruction comes to mind, and we remember it. And that teaching we remembered will not let the situation defeat us. That instruction we heard will be our source of strength.

--Frank Paul, Kipnuk

Qaneryaraq gguq wavet cingillemtenun qillrulluku waten aug'arrngairutelluku
They used to tell us that we should tie our instructions to our ankles with our shoelaces so that they would not become untied.

Tua i tuaten ayuquq qanruyun. Cingillrutekluku gguq, tua i loose arngairutelluku wavet, katagngairutelluku. Cunawa uum iluanun ekluku qamiqumun.

That is how the qanruyun works in our life. They said that we should tie them so that they would not become untied, so that we would not lose [our instructions]. They actually meant putting it into our minds.

--Frank Andrew, Kwigillingok

Yuum gguq quyallra nekayullra llu tukniuq
They say a person's feelings of gratitude and humiliation are powerful

Yuum gguq quyallra tukniuq cali llu gguq nekayullra tukniluni. Piciulliniluni; wiinga quyassiyaagaqama iluteqlua llu cacirkaitaqama agayuaqama tua i agayutetuanka tuaten; iliini qialua iliini llu qiavkenii. Ilumun tua i yuum umyugaa quyallra tuknilliniami, nekayullra llu cali tuknilliniluni. Cat tua i avani wangkutnun qanrutkumallruuq, ikiullra assillra llu.

They say a person's feelings of gratitude and feelings of humiliation are powerful. When someone does something that makes me very grateful, sometimes the only thing I can do is pray for his well being. And sometimes my feelings were so strong I would weep in prayer. There's truly strength in a person's feelings when happy or when wounded emotionally. Back in those days everything was taught to us, both the good and the bad.

--Theresa Moses, Toksook Bay

Quyallagallermegteggun gguq cikirteteng elluarrluteng pillerkaatnun cingqaqutuit umyuamegteggun
They say they push their givers toward good fortune with their minds when grateful

Tua i taugken tangerrluki ilateng nangutellriit neqnek cikiraqluki piyugtaita. Tua i murilkelluki, augkut llu imkut aulukestairutellriit elliraat arcaqerluki. Augna pitekluku pitulliniluki qanrutkellrukeka iciw' akwaugaq, quyallrat. Quyallagallermegteggun gguq cikirteteng elluarrluteng pillerkaatnun cingqaqutuit umyuamegteggun. Tamana tamaa i pisqutngullruuq cali wangkutnun qanrutaarullemteni. Qunuyugpek'nata ikayuutekluki taugaam pisqelluki ikayurnarqelrianek.

Those who wanted to gave food to those who ran out after seeing their need. They watched over those who did not have caretakers, especially orphans. [They gave them food] because they say they push their givers toward good fortune when grateful. That was one of the values they wanted us to follow when we were instructed. They told us to help those who needed assistance without being stingy.

--Frank Andrew, Kwigillingok


Una waniwa aturarkarput ayuqucirtuutvut, ayuqucirtuutemta angenqurrat kenka, kenka una. Tauna gguq una wani kenka atuqumteggu angelria ayuqucirtuutet, makut wani wangkuta ayuqucirtuutemta angenrat, atuqumteggu gguq tauna waten iquani qanertuq, "Elluarrluci piciquci." Una gguq ayuqucirtuutet angenrat atuqumteggu, aturluku pikumteggu, elluarrluta gguq piciqukut.

One principle that we must live by, the most important among our teachings is love. If we live by loving others, the most important of our teachings, there is a saying, "Elluarrluci piciquci [You will be fortunate]." If we live by our most important teaching, we will be fortunate.

--Frank Paul, Kipnuk



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