Yuungnaqpiallerput - The Way We Genuinely Live - Masterworks of Yup'ik Science and Survival

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Working with Wood

Paul John demonstrating Maul and Wedge. Maul Demonstration

Photo- Ann Fienup Riordan

Paul John using a wooden maul and bone wedge.

Iqukeggun Beaver-tooth Engraving ToolDipper


Engraving Tool from Rasboinsky. Many men still carry a beaver tooth with them to sharpen their knives.


L- 6 3/4 in
W- 2 in
D- 3/4 in


E.W. Nelson, 1878, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution 48720

Pascirissuun Spruce-root clampClamp holding Dipper


Spruce-root clamp holding a partially constructed dipper.

Peter John said: "Those who bent wood couldn't be without a clamp. They would seal it with a little bit of nose blood, and even if it opened they could put it back in position, and it would stay that way when the clamp was removed."


L- 9 1/2 in
W- 5 1/2 in
D- 3 1/2 in


E. W. Nelson, 1879, lower Yukon River, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution 38604

Qaltaq Bentwood BucketBentwood Bucket


Bentwood bucket from Nushagak, with a woman's face carved on the inside bottom.


H- 8 3/4 in
Diameter- 8 in


S. Jackson, 1890s, Nushagak, Sheldon Jackson Museum IIAO37

Carver with Wood

1936, Lower Kuskokwim River, Hans Himmelheber

Carver bending a spruce strip to form the rim of a bowl.



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